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- The best way to tighten your skin is a 10-day mineral treatment.

- You apply a potent mineral cream twice a day and your skin gets noticeably tighter.

- You can check out the 10-day treatment  here.

Treatment Option #1
10-Day Skin Tightening Treatment

We highly recommend this method. It is safe, affordable and most importantly it works well. The method consists of applying a skin tightening mineral cream twice a day for 10 days. The minerals contain high concentrations of powerful skin tightening ingredients. The treatment is non-invasive and has a  reputation for  delivering satisfying results. You can check out their website listed below for more information.


Treatment Option #2
Build Your Muscles - Full Body Skin Tightening
When your body becomes larger your skin must stretch out to cover it which results in skin tightening. Just make sure that once you build up your muscles you keep them built up or you could end up with looser skin than when you started! This is a tried and true skin tightening treatment that will work as long as you maintain. The great part about this method is that nor skin tightening products are required. It's free!
For info visit: World Fitness Natural Skin Tightening Blog

Treatment Option #3
Eat More Citrus Fruit
The vitamins and minerals that are associated with natural skin tightening are found in citrus fruit. By increasing the amount you eat you can help your skin to stay elastic and young looking. The effects of citrus fruits on skin and on a persons overall health has been well known  since 500 BC and continue to be used by modern dermatologists.
More info on citrus fruit and skin tightening can be found at: Skin Tightening Products - Citrus

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Are these the best skin tightening procedures? Or the best skin tightening products?

There are two basic methods of body skin tightening. Surgical and non-surgical. Before surgical skin tightening or even light based natural skin tightening is tried at all you should try all available non-surgical methods. As described above simple lifestyle changes like muscle building and dietary changes can make noticeable differences. The best non-invasive non-surgical skin tightening option is definitely the 10 day treatment made by Fontaine Minerals. This is the only no-risk way to make your skin tighter right away. For more information about skin tightening options please email us here. We would also suggest staying away from the so called best skin tightening creams and skin tightening lotions which can be expensive and not effective.

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How effective can natural skin tightening treatments really be?

Results of treatments can vary from person to person. The older you are the harder it will be to tighten your skin. Generally speaking an average person will be able to tighten their skin by 5-15% using non-invasive methods and up to 90% using surgical non natural skin tightening options. Don't be discouraged by this. A natural skin tightening of 10% can make you look ten years younger and is actually a really significant amount. One thing we do not recommend using is skin tightening cream, they are often very expensive and not effective as skin tightening lotion goes. Some websites claim to sell the best skin tightening cream but this is generally a way overblown claim.

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Would it be best to do all three methods at the same time?

Yes. If you start toning your muscles, eating more citrus fruit, and do a mineral soak treatment you will definitely see results. By treating your skin properly you can slow down the skin ageing process by up to 3 times. In third world countries where there is no skin care or even skin tightening lotion, everyone's skin turns to leather by the time their thirty. In Japan on the other hand a 100 year old woman who has been diligently taking care of her skin her whole life could have the skin of someone half her age or less.

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Can't I just get a skin tightening procedure?

Body skin tightening surgery is always an option, however it is expensive, between $3,000 and $15,000 and there is always the chance that you could end up looking worse...think Michael Jackson! Also there is a very real chance of dying whenever anyone goes under the knife for any reason. Any doctor will tell you to try to deal with your loose skin problems using non-invasive methods first before you do anything as drastic as surgery or a skin tightening procedures.

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